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Tent: Fashion comes to Montreal with a week-long seminar and interactive learning.

Tent is coming to Montreal with an immersive workshop for anyone who’s curious about the connections between Jewish culture and fashion. The week-long seminar for fashion-forward thinkers between 18 and 31 will feature walking tours, networking evenings and lots of interactive learning.

Tent: Fashion will take place in Montreal August 10-17, 2014.

Tent workshops are one-week, intensive programs which exist across the US and Canada, predicated on the idea that a commitment to culture can be a portal into deeper and more inspired Jewish self-awareness. The idea was brought to Quebec by A Bit Off the Top , an outreach initiative of Federation CJA, which works with grassroots groups and individual young adults in Montreal to develop and build innovative Jewish projects.

“Tent: Fashion will allow 20 young adults to explore the intersection between fashion and Jewish culture,” said Tent: Fashion Chair Haley Firkser. “We’re hoping to create a space for young adults to inquire, learn, make and share everything that is relevant to the connection between fashion and Jewish culture through academic lectures, hands-on workshops, panel discussions, networking evenings, walking tours, and more!”

Tent: Fashion Chair Haley Firkser

Throughout the course of the week participants will learn about fashion trades like wig-making, fur, and tanning in hands-on workshops and visits. Sample workshops include Jew(elry), an immersive examination of the roots of one of North America’s oldest and most significant diamond and jewelry centres featuring a moderated discussion with two generations of the Gniwisch family; and Leather, Fur and Labour,  a walking tour with The Museum of Jewish Montreal – exploring the Rue Ste-Catherine corridor between University Street and Boulevard St-Laurent – once one of the city’s main clothing production centers and a leading production area in the early fur and leather industries.

Tent: Fashion will also host private talks and workshops with contemporary designers and fashion bloggers, as well as esteemed professor, Jenna Weissman Joselit. The week will culminate with The Pitch, where Tent: Fashion participants will get the chance to pitch ideas for new projects to pursue after the program.

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