Everywhere: Exploring the world and their heritage


Painting a school in Beer Sheva

“Kefiada has just begun and we are already all having a great time. Jim (aka Jake and Kim) have been spectacular leaders over the past four days and have thus far truly allowed us to experience Israel the way it should be. This morning was our first volunteer day at Mercaz Nurit. We managed to paint the majority of a school where newly immigrated Ethiopians are given the privilege to learn the beautiful Hebrew language. Under the scorching hot Israeli sun, we worked our paint brushes and rollers while still laughing and being silly. We are now outside the Beit Yatziv pool and waiting to jump in… Life is great…”

– Jessica Greenberg, 2012 Kefiada participant

Kefiada is a one-year leadership development program by Federation CJA’s YAD Montreal, with a two-week subsidized leadership volunteer mission in Beer Sheva in July. The goals are to build community leaders within the Montreal community and to connect and create long-lasting relationships with youth from our partnership region.

Birthright Israel

“I just finished my Birthright Israel trip. We had such great staff and the people and the entire trip was an enriching experience for me. I really appreciated everything and this trip was, honestly, the greatest thing I’ve ever done and the most fun I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to head up to camp, for the BIEC team to come up and visit, and then to come back and have my Birthright Israel reunion!”

– Nick Frai, far right, participant on the June Birthright Israel trip

Birthright Israel is a free 10-day trip to Israel for Jewish 18-26 year olds who have never been on an organized trip to Israel. Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience is organized through the Bronfman Israel Experience Centre, a department of the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre.


“On our fifth day touring the beautiful land of Israel, we visited the mystical city of Tzfat, where we met an artist who depicts the importance of Kabbalah through his work. He taught us the importance, significance and power of our Hebrew names. It was ‘ammazzzzingggg’. Later we contributed our time to helping an organization restore an old citadel into a park. Then we shopped, ate and went white water rafting, which was also ‘ammazzzzingggg’.”

– Alex Lewkowict, Dorot 2012 participant

Dorot is a 5-week touring trip to Israel for grade nine students. It allows participants to have an amazing summer, while enjoying a meaningful and fulfilling Jewish experience. Dorot is run by the Bronfman Israel Experience Centre, a department of the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre.

Federation CJA allocated $4,529,410 (includes Tuition Assistance Allocation) to the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre

Partnership 2gether Leadership Program

These Israeli teens spent the summer as counselors, bringing Israeli programming and activities to Montreal

“Coming here as a group that represents Israel and Jewish people was a lot of preparation because I wanted to be sure what I’m going to represent here. Knowing that we are here as a group and that we are Israel in the eyes of those kids, there was a lot of pressure. But it was also very exciting because we knew that what we say, those kids are going to hold on to. The image of Israel is us. I’m feeling pretty good because I think that I’ve fulfilled what I came here for. At the end of our activity, we gave the kids a little note to write on it wishes to put in the Kotel and two girls came up to me to ask me that I was sure that I was going to bring it to Israel and put it in the Wall. I said ‘Of course, why?’ and they said ‘Because we have never been and it means so much to us’. Just hearing that was a dream come true.”

–Karina Kvyac, 17 year old Israeli participant of the Partnership 2gether Leadership Program, after a day at Communauté Sepharade Unifiée du Québec’s Camp Benyamin

Through the Partnership 2gether Leadership Program, a group of 17 year olds from Montreal’s partnership region of Beer Sheva/B’nei Shimon are acting as counselors and bringing Israeli programming and culture to Montreal-area camps this summer. Partnership 2gether is part of Federation CJA’s Israel & Overseas commitment, allocated through the Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA.

Federation CJA allocated $6.5 million to Israel and overseas to address, with our partners abroad, social issues including youth, education, social welfare, capacity building and people-to-people connections.


“For years now, I have been involved in different volunteer experiences. For me, I knew I wanted to do something more than just donating money. A relief trip allowed me to be hands-on and truly experience helping others first-hand. I was struggling on whether or not I want to go back to Israel or participate in a relief mission. Rabbi Fishman messaged me telling me about this wonderful opportunity and I did not have to pick between volunteering and visiting Israel again.”

– Marlee Yunger, Acharai Fellow 2012

The “Acharai – After Me” Fellowship, run by Beth Tikvah in partnership with Federation CJA, is a 3-semester leadership program for students. Following the study portion, participants embark on a mission to South Africa and Beer Sheva/B’nei Shimon, Israel. On the mission, the Fellows volunteer at an AIDS orphanage, assist in local schools and children’s hospitals, visit survivors of terror and work with a group of former at-risk youth who have now created their own sustainable cafe.

Diller Teen Fellows

“My time in the Diller congress has taught me many things. Mainly, through interacting with so many other young leaders, I have learned how to speak up for myself, but more importantly, for others. Second, I have learned that the confidence to speak up is very important to being a leader. However, the ability to be silent is crucial. The Diller program has instilled these two lessons in me and they shall remain with me for the rest of my life.”

- Robbie Laxer, Montreal Diller Teen Fellow 2012, in Israel as part of the Diller Teen Fellows program.

Hosted by the YM-YWHA, and in partnership with the Jewish Agency in Beer Sheva/B’nei Shimon, the Diller Teen Fellows program focuses on Jewish identity, community service, Israel and young leadership. Participants (20 from Montreal and 20 from Beer Sheva/B’nei Shimon) are selected annually based on their leadership skills, community activism and their ability to represent diverse aspects of their Jewish community, both in Montreal and Beer Sheva/Bnei Shimon.

Federation CJA allocated $483,244 to the YM-YWHA Jewish Community Centres.

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