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Friendly Faces

“This is my daughter’s first year at Friendly Faces Day Camp and we couldn’t be happier. The day is packed with activities that keep the kids busy all day! She enjoys the swimming, dance and art classes and loves the weekly BBQ! She wakes up each morning with a bright smile looking forward to the day ahead!”

– Clifford Green, parent of a happy, 6 year old Friendly Faces day camper

Adventure Quest

“She’s loving camp and having a great time!”

– Karen Salem, parent of Janna Goren, age 6, camper at the Adventure Quest Day Camp

“I like doing the water games and art is my favorite!”

– Janna Goren

The Ben Weider JCC Children’s Day Programs and Camps of the YM-YWHA offers the Friendly Faces Day Camp program, including Horizons and Manhigim Camps for children with special needs, and the Happy Campers and Adventure Quest Day Camps at the West Island branch. Activities include arts and crafts, swim and gym, as well as special thematic programs.

Federation CJA allocated $483,244 to the YM-YWHA Jewish Community Centres.

The Mack Belson Reading Camp

“The Mack Belson Reading Camp at the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre provides an excellent staff to student ratio for children who need extra help with their reading skills. The staff is professional, enthusiastic and dedicated to the growth of each child. My son can’t wait to read another book to anyone in the family. His skills have improved and his self-confidence is soaring. It is the best investment for any child who needs a boost in reading skills.”

- Parent

Have a child that struggles with reading? The Bronfman Jewish Education Centre’s Mack Belson Reading Camp:

  • Open to all elementary school children
  • Services approx. 15 students
  • Daily 1-hour reading intervention
  • Three-week session
  • Small group setting
  • Provides students with reading skills to meet the upcoming grade level expectations
  • Caters to students with previously identified reading disabilities or those wishing to advance their reading skills
Federation CJA allocated $4,529,410 (includes Tuition Assistance Allocation) to the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre.

Camp Benyamin

What did Camp Benyamin Kadima campers (12-14 years old) think of their field trip to Dark Zone Lazer Tag?

  • I thought it was awesome! Best time @ the Lazer Zone.
  • It was great! C’était fun! J’adore lazer tag!
  • J’ai adore, à part le dernier round. Mon gun et celui d’Alexia ont arrêté de marcher.
  • I think it was amazing!
  • J’ai beaucoup aimé the Dark Zone. J’ai été content de jouer avec vous. Merci Camp Benyamin !
  • It was fun. C’était très amusant. I loved the music and the lights. ☺ J’adore Laser Tag!!!
  • J’ai adore l’activité d’aujourd’hui et j’espère qu’ont reviendra encore !
  • Trop fun ! À refaire l’année prochaine.
  • J’ai beaucoup aimé. C’est trop cool ! Je me suis amusé.
  • J’ai aimé !
  • J’ai adoré ! Je veux encore !!
  • J’ai beaucoup aimé Lazer Tag. C’était trop fun et je pense que le camp devrait aller plus souvent.
  • J’ai aimé parce que c’était bien. On s’est amusé.
  • ♥ le lazer tag. Les équipes étaient égales et c t vraiment FUN !!!
  • Very fun activity! I would definitely do it again!

Camp Benyamin, run by the Communauté Sepharade Unifiée du Québec, provides a memorable experience for children, connecting them to the Jewish community and offering a range of exciting and diverse activities and outings. Field trips include Granby Zoo, the waterslides, horseback riding, Fort Adventure and more.

Federation CJA allocated $1,118,602 to the Communauté Sepharade Unifiée du Québec.

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