How we invest in Israel

Photo: Israel and Overseas

“If we all lived in peace, if all the countries were friends, then there wouldn’t be any wars – and that would be good. I go to school with Jews and Arabs. I love my friends – Jews and Arabs. I love learning at Hagar. Peace gives us honour. We will create peace here.”

-  Elinor, Grade 2 student at Hagar School in Beer Sheva, where children and their families are committed to peaceful coexistence.

As a community, you have suggested the ways in which you would like us to support Israel. Through studies such as Imagine 2020, Federation CJA has been able to uncover which types of initiatives resonate most with our community. Our relationship to Israel has become one of mutual benefit, learning from one another and building together. We have identified five major areas where the Israel & Overseas department and its partners are able to implement programs which impact both Israel and the Montreal Jewish community in order to make a lasting difference.

They are:

  • Tolerance and Coexistence
  • Supporting Youth-at-Risk
  • Enhancing Jewish Identity
  • Furthering Israel Education and Engagement
  • Attracting Population
  • Population Retention
We welcome your feedback and invite your comments.

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