Jewish day school just got more affordable

“Without meaningful Jewish learning and experiences, the next generation is at risk of losing its connection to the rich fabric of our Jewish heritage and history,” said Federation CJA President David Cape.

As part of the new Generations Fund for Educational Excellence, you may be eligible for a tuition cap for your child’s Jewish day school education. Just launched by Federation CJA’s GEN J, the Fund has two main objectives: ensuring excellence in schools and increasing accessibility for families.

“The evidence is clear that a full-time Jewish day school education is the best way to secure our children’s Jewish identities. This is key to ensuring a strong and vibrant Jewish future for our community,” said David Cape, President of Federation CJA. “Federation CJA is deeply committed to assisting our Jewish day schools achieve the highest levels of academic excellence and to ensuring they are accessible to those who choose Jewish education.”


There are currently seven Jewish schools participating in the Generations Fund for Educational Excellence:

  • Akiva
  • École Maimonide
  • Hebrew Academy
  • Hebrew Foundation School
  • JPPS-Bialik
  • Solomon Schechter Academy
  • United Talmud Torah – Herzliah

From now until May 29, 2012, parents who have registered their child at one of the participating Jewish day schools for September 2012 can go online at to assess their eligibility for the tuition cap.

Parents anonymously fill out a simple online calculator form and respond to a few questions to determine if they qualify. If so, they will be directed to an online application form to apply for a tuition cap for the 2012-2013 academic year. Applications are confidentially processed and families will receive notice of their Generations Fund Tuition Fee Cap Certification by the end of June, including a commitment to provide a tuition cap for the remaining length of the child’s education at that school, with the annual resubmission of documentation.

“Without meaningful Jewish learning and experiences, the next generation is at risk of losing its connection to the rich fabric of our Jewish heritage and history. And among these Jewish experiences, we all know that, by far, the most effective one is attending a full-time Jewish day school,” said Cape. “While Federation CJA recognizes that some of our Jewish day schools are facing increasing challenges in maintaining enrolment in a very competitive market, we believe that this new initiative to invest in excellence and enhance accessibility will position our schools not only to meet these challenges, but rather to reach new heights.”

Principles of the Generations Fund for Educational Excellence

  • Make Jewish day school accessible to middle-class families while providing confidential assessment and response.
  • Through a centralized, easy-to-use online calculator, allow families to enter information upon which objective financial decisions are based.
  • Allow parents to properly plan for their children’s educational future by knowing the Tuition Cap Certification is guaranteed until the end of elementary or high school, depending on the grade at which the student enters the program.
  • Improved competitive advantage among Jewish day schools.
  • Excellence Grants for school leadership and programs.
  • Arm students with Jewish values and with skills to thrive in Quebec society.

Are you eligible?

Find out if you are eligible for a tuition cap by visiting

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