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The YM-YWHA Jewish Community Centres

Photo : YM-YWHA

“How can one possibly find the words to describe the intense positive impact that Diller has had on our son? To know so many different types of teens with such diverse and wide spectrum beliefs and practices has most definitely strengthened Uri’s own Jewish identity and has made him more understanding, accepting and respectful of those who are not exactly like him. Uri has matured a great deal over this past summer. I have been witnessing a true and sincere spiritual and intellectual growth, appreciation for all his fellow Jews and a sense of personal responsibility and accountability for all of his actions. It is truly amazing that you were able to have such a profound effect on Uri.”

- Cheryl B.

Hosted by the YM-YWHA, and in partnership with the Jewish Agency in Beer Sheva/B’nei Shimon, the Diller Teen Fellows program focuses on Jewish identity, community service, Israel and young leadership. Participants are selected based on their leadership skills, community activism and their ability to represent diverse aspects of their Jewish community, both in Montreal and Beer Sheva/Bnei Shimon.

The Montreal Jewish Community Centres offer top-quality fitness and preschool facilities as well as arts, culture and Jewish life programming for all ages. The YM-YWHA branches include the Ben Weider Jewish Community Centre, West Island Jewish Community Centre and the Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp.

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Camp B’nai Brith

Photo : CBB

“CBB changed me both as an individual and a professional. It was here that my family received the support to send me to Jewish summer camp and having not gone to Jewish day school, camp allowed me to learn about who I am and where I come from. It is because of camp that I have the group of friends I have today. It helped me choose a direction in life and it has helped me find a life partner, as well. I cannot wait until I can send my own kids back to CBB! Thank you.”

- J.R.

Camp B’nai Brith offers children 8-16 years old a high quality, diverse summer camping experience in a Jewish environment. Camp B’nai Brith integrates programs for boys and girls from all segments of the Jewish community.

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The Segal Centre for Performing Arts

Photo : Segal Centre

“Performing arts schools help you get closer and closer to what you’re aiming for. The Segal Centre Academy has taught me to act like I’ve never acted before, it’s taught me to sing like I’ve never sung before and its taught me to dance like I’ve never danced before.”

- Jamie Mayers, child actor in Lies My Father Told Me

The Segal Centre Academy offers performing arts courses and workshops for children, teenagers and young adults. It includes Young Artists for Young Audiences with Baby YAYA, YAYA Kids, YAYA Teens, as well as Broadway Stars and Wandering Stars. Based on core Jewish values, YAYA builds on the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre’s successful award-winning theatre program that instills a love of the performing arts in new generations of artists and audiences. YAYA promotes heritage, history, leadership and intercultural understanding with programming available in English, French and Yiddish.  Today, YAYA forms the cornerstone of youth arts education at the Segal Centre.

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The Jewish Public Library

Photo : JPL

“The library is a truly special place for my children and, both as a Mom and educator, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the Jewish Public Library. The variety of books and friendliness of the staff ensure it’s a rich and warm environment where my kids can grow and learn.

The music classes have fostered such a love of music – as babies they would clap their hands and dance in their strollers upon seeing the glass doors! We love coming to the library and we can’t drive down Cote-Ste-Catherine without my 3-year-old asking if we can go inside to read books and sing songs. Thank you for ensuring there is an institution like this available in Montreal!”

- Adrienne Berman, seen here with her two children,  Zachary and Cassie

A full-service lending and research library containing North America’s largest circulating Judaica collection, the Jewish Public Library is an internationally-recognized resource. The Library holds over 150,000 items in five languages; the 30,000-item Children’s Library offers many activities for children up to 14 years of age; and the Archives help preserve and honour Canada’s Jewish history for generations to come.

Federation CJA allocated $319,433 to

The Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre

Photo : Vadim Daniel

“Talking to young people is extremely important for me. I talk to them about real values in life, the dangers of using stereotypes, against generalizations… Through this work I personally feel that I defeated those who wanted to kill in me all the feelings a 16-year-old girl felt toward beauty, humanity and even towards life itself.

I don’t know how long I will be able to continue; that is why it’s so important to convey the message to young people. They are our future; they must carry on the torch of remembrance and pass it on to the next generation.”

Irene Romer, Holocaust survivor

The Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre educates people of all ages and backgrounds about the Holocaust while sensitizing the public to the universal perils of anti-Semitism, racism, hate and indifference. Through its Museum, its commemorative programs and educational initiatives, the Centre promotes respect for diversity and the sanctity of human life.

Federation CJA allocated $520,902 to

Hillel Montréal

Photo : Hillel

“This past February, 15 Montreal students embarked on an alternative spring break trip to Ghana with Hillel Montreal. We volunteered at the Challenging Heights School, founded by James Kofi Annan. We worked on a gutter system that surrounded the school and painted a house. This was an incredibly unique experience and I thank Hillel Montreal for the opportunity.

The educational component of the trip made this a true service learning experience. We critically examined every moment of the trip and paid special attention to the effect we would have on the community. We came together as Jews and our core Jewish values enabled us to positively impact the lives of people we have never met. This life-changing experience has impacted the way in which I see myself as an individual in society and the way I view my surroundings. It is amazing how much we learned about ourselves by being immersed in another culture and community for only 10 days.”

- Kimmy Shrier, recent graduate of McGill Social Work

Hillel Montreal is a student organization that represents the needs of the diverse Jewish student population in Montreal. Hillel Montreal is responsible and committed to creating a vibrant, innovative and exciting campus life for Jewish CEGEP and university students.

Federation CJA allocated $4,529,410 (includes tuition assistance) to

The Bronfman Jewish Education Centre

Photo : BIEC

“Birthright is not only about being introduced to the land of Israel. It’s also about sharing that experience with the rest of the participants. I am so appreciative of the opportunity I was given to bond with all kinds of new Jewish people. I am so grateful to have been a part of this trip. It has given me memories I will remember forever. I look forward to keeping the Birthright spirit alive by participating in the follow-up activities organized by the Bronfman Israel Experience Centre.”

- Aaron Blauer, Birthright alumnus 2011

“I recently attended a workshop given by the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre, where both a podcast and a vidcast were modeled. The workshop provided us with the latest links for web-based resources for sound effects and podcast sharing. I have already implemented my learning through a Grade 4 project at our school. The students have quickly picked up this technology and are learning and having fun with it at the same time.”

- Rona Katz, technology teacher at Akiva School

The Bronfman Jewish Education Centre is the planning and coordinating agency for Jewish community educational needs in Montreal. BJEC is responsible for the development of Jewish identity and continuity in our community through formal and informal Jewish education experiences and lifelong learning opportunities geared to all age groups. This includes Israel experiences through the Bronfman Israel Experience Centre.

Federation CJA allocated $1,118,602 to

La Communauté sépharade unifiée du Québec

Photo : CSUQ

“We have participated in the solidarity Mission three times. Nothing can compare with it. We did volunteer work and we realized how much our help is appreciated. This Mission gives us a chance to meet interesting people, not only those that provide services and the Israeli beneficiaries, but the other participants, as well. It is also a pleasant way to get to know this beautiful region around Beer Sheva. The more the Mission is known, the more volunteers we will have and the more significant our help will be.”

- Jocelyne and Ralph Bitton

The CSUQ shows a tireless attachment to Israel. For example, every year, it organizes a Mission in which participants, besides being socially active, contribute to the celebration of 50 bar mitzvahs (seen here) for children in need.

In celebration of Sephardic culture, the CSUQ has been responsible for a quality program of contemporary Jewish studies, the Aleph Centre, for the past three years.  One of the special events it sponsors is the Festival Sépharade, a commemoration of Israeli films, conferences, theatre and music.

For fifty years, the Communauté Sépharade Unifiée du Québec (CSUQ) has represented the 23,000 Sephardic Jews of Montreal, and continues to work in defense of their interests. Socially active, it coordinates and centralizes support for impoverished families in the form of food for Pesach and Rosh Hashanah, and presents to these families for Chanukah and Purim. The CSUQ also manages a visiting service for Sephardic patients and residents of long-term care institutions. In addition to these friendly visits, it organizes social and recreational activities for the Jewish holidays. A few years ago, in order to serve autonomous and semi-autonomous elderly, it acquired Résidence Salomon.

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