Keeping costs down – the secret to CJA success

The Combined Jewish Appeal just closed one of its most successful Campaigns in recent memory. There are many reasons for this accomplishment – an army of over 800 dedicated volunteer canvassers, an increase in pledges from new donors and increased pledges from loyal supporters. But one of the best kept secrets to Combined Jewish Appeal is its Corporate Sponsorship Program, which this year raised a new record of over $1 million, making it one of the most successful of such programs in North America.

“Corporate sponsors allow Combined Jewish Appeal to host incredible outreach and fundraising events while keeping the operational costs low. With corporate sponsors helping to cover the costs of these events, all the funds raised from tickets sales, personal donations and other fundraising activities go directly to the cause, which is improving the quality of life for people,” said Jeff Segel, Chair of the Corporate Sponsorship Executive. “It is because of the generosity of these companies that we are able to direct almost 91% of all the funds raised through Combined Jewish Appeal to impact Jewish lives in our own community and all around the world.”

Combined Jewish Appeal 2011 had 60 corporate sponsors, some of whom have been sponsors since the inception of the program in 1995. As the Jewish community supports Combined Jewish Appeal through their donations to the Campaign, the Corporate Sponsorship Program seeks sponsorship support from the non-Jewish corporate sector as another revenue stream specifically to defray Campaign costs. Some of the costs covered by sponsors include holding events, radio and print advertising, producing marketing materials and signage seen across the city, as well as other initiatives such as the Jewish Chamber of Commerce and even the production of this Tikun Olam newsletter. In exchange for their financial contribution, sponsors receive visibility by having their company name and logo prominently displayed, a representative from the company is given the opportunity to speak directly to the audience at the event, and the company is publicly thanked in an ad following the event.

“Many companies have corporate social responsibility programs, especially today. Our Corporate Sponsorship Program is an excellent way for the corporate sector to work together with one of the top non-profit organizations in North America to meet their objectives while directly reaching a segment of their target market,” said Harvey Levenson, one of the founders of Federation CJA’s Corporate Sponsorship Program. “The success of our program is due to our ability to capitalize on the corporation’s goals and in our meeting their philanthropic needs. Together, we help build a better and stronger community.”

Aside from corporate sponsorships of Campaign events and Federation CJA initiatives, companies can also sponsor specific programs or services. For example, Fonds de solidarité FTQ sponsors the JEM Workshop and UPS made a grant for the renovation of the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors’ kitchen and cafeteria to support the Le Café community soup kitchen.  These types of corporate partnerships help underwrite the cost of running these services and offer companies the opportunity to have a direct impact on people’s lives.

“Our Corporate Sponsorship Program can be as flexible as necessary to meet a corporation’s needs and objectives. There are numerous types of events, services and programs for companies to choose from as Federation CJA touches so many areas of need in the community. So whether a company is interested in feeding the hungry, helping those with special needs, supporting the elderly or any other social service area, we can link them to an appropriate program or event that is in line with their corporate philanthropy mission,” said Segel. “The bottom line is that thanks to the support of our corporate partners, Federation CJA and its agencies are able to touch the lives of so many people, every single day, providing essential services and life-saving support.”

For more information on Federation CJA’s Corporate Sponsorship Program, please contact Alex Zinegyi, Director of the Corporate Sponsorship Program at 514-345-2645 ext. 2616.

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