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Solomon Schechter Academy students support Federation CJA’s Lunch for a Bunch program.

While there are countless ways to make a difference, the most valuable gifts always come from the heart. Such was the case when students from Montreal’s Solomon Schechter Academy got together to help other elementary school students. As part of their school’s mitzvah (acts of kindness) initiative, the students raised $5,000 to sponsor lunches for underprivileged children in their community.

The idea was conceived by Solomon Schechter sixth grader, Samantha Ginsberg, who helped organize a read-a-thon amongst her peers to raise money for children arriving at school with little to eat. The children chose to sponsor Federation CJA’s Lunch for a Bunch program, which does just that.

“It doesn’t hurt to help,” said Ginsberg. “It is possible that you could be in the exact same position as that child, and if you were in that position wouldn’t you want someone to help you?”

Student, Samantha Ginsberg — flanked by (left to right) Solomon Schechter Principal, Steven Erdelyi; TOV Chair, Jodi Mintz; Aviva Balshine; Tanya Abenaim; Jillian Rodin and teacher, Susan Bercovitch — presents the $5,000 cheque to Federation CJA’s Lunch for a Bunch program.

Lunch for a Bunch is an innovative program – started by the Women’s Philanthropy Tikun Olam Volunteers (TOV) of Federation CJA, in partnership with Agence Ometz — which packs and discretely delivers lunches to 83 children across 14 schools once a week before the first recess bell.

The program started by supporting 45 students at 7 schools in March of last year, and this year the program has been able to secure funding to almost double that number, with an average of 83 students and the addition of 7 new schools. With the help of a generous donor, the program is set to expand even further and to include a second day in the fall.

To get involved with Tikun Olam Volunteers (TOV) please email

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