Many Shades of Green – Federation CJA sets model for sustainability

Various Green initiatives found around the Federation CJA campus.

Through its annual Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign, Federation CJA has established itself as Montreal’s central address for Jewish philanthropy. As a result of several existing green initiatives, and a host of others set to blossom, Federation CJA hopes to become a leader in sustainability as well, providing a valuable model for others in the Jewish and local Montreal community to adopt.

The little things

Since Federation CJA began implementing its green initiatives nearly six years ago, energy consumption across their Montreal campus has experienced a drastic reduction of over 25%. “Much of our success doesn’t come from just one initiative. Rather, it’s the culmination of many smaller efforts which go a long way in making a big difference”, remarked Leah Berger, who’s played an active role in leading Federation CJA’s Green Committee.

Many of these fundamental initiatives seek to engage employees and other stakeholders of Federation CJA’s facilities, helping them become more environmentally-conscious, and aware of the simple measures they can take to reduce Federation CJA’s ecological footprint.


savings from switching to LED bulbs

A few of such initiatives have included a partnership with the UPS Foundation, which saw the cessation of styrofoam and other disposable materials in Le Café; engaging evening security staff to post reminders on employees’ desks to power off computers and lights; incentives for employees to use their own reusable coffee mugs in favour of disposable paper cups; and plans to develop a rooftop garden which will, amongst other benefits, help reduce cooling energy costs in the summer months.

Shining brighter

While these initiatives have undoubtedly gone a long way in helping curb the campus’ energy consumption, Federation CJA’s greatest leap forward will come in the form of replacing over 1,600 light bulbs throughout the campus, and replacing them with low-energy, high efficiency LED lights. Through this initiative, it’s estimated that the building will incur annual cost-savings of over $15,000.

With the holistic approach of engaging employees while making responsible, large-scaled investments into its campus, Federation CJA is poised to continue making significant changes in both the way we interact with our environment and what we get back out of it, leading to a more equitable and sustainable workplace.

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