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Agence Ometz

Federation CJA allocated $4,486,931 (includes poverty relief fund)

Photo : Ometz

“I lived in a slummy basement apartment with mould and mice. I spent too much money on things I didn’t really want or need. So there were huge piles of stuff in my place and lots of dust. Then Ometz gave me a worker who helped me move to a really nice apartment and said I could bring only a certain number of boxes.

Ometz took over paying my rent and bills with my income while I still controlled a big portion of my money. But then I kept my habit of collecting things until the floors and furniture in my new apartment were completely covered. I had two separate threats of eviction where I was really scared of losing such a good living place. In both cases, Ometz gave me all the professional help I needed to clean up the place while dealing with my hurt and bitter feelings. Now that I stopped collecting things, I spend most of my week in therapeutic programs. To put it simply, they showed me the light at the end of the tunnel and now it’s time to move ahead with my life.”

- Edward

Ometz is a human services agency offering employment, immigration and social services to help people fulfill their potential and to secure the growth and vitality of the Montreal Jewish community.

Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors

Federation CJA allocated $1,655,126

Photo : Rina Friedman

“I have been volunteering at the Cummings Centre for as long as I can remember. I have always enjoyed sharing my time, energy and skills with others and value the joy of learning new things, meeting new people, making new friends and taking on new challenges. I recently registered for several fine arts classes and this has opened up new horizons for me. It is a lot of fun and has been a wonderful experience.

There is great camaraderie among the participants and very helpful instruction from the teachers. The Cummings Centre is a very special place for the warmth, many varied opportunities and support I get every day!”

- Maxine Bloom, Vice President, Cummings Centre and Chair, Program Services Lay Committee

The Cummings Centre offers a full continuum of programs and services to the 50-plus community, from those who function autonomously to those who have become frail. The educational, social, recreational and cultural programs include classes such as bridge, computers, film and book reviews, Jewish culture, global affairs, languages, literature, performing arts, recreation and leisure. Cummings Centre also houses a Fine Arts Department, Craft Centre and Wellness Centre.

Project Genesis

Federation CJA allocated $159,831

Photo : Project Genesis

“One thing I feel good about this year was assisting a single woman in her 50s with severe mobility issues who was in financial difficulty. I looked at her current sources of income and discovered that she could be entitled to Shelter Allowance, as well as additional benefits due to her disability. It felt good to provide information concerning financial assistance and housing options, empowering her to make effective change in her life.”

– Brigitte Mayes, Storefront and Home Advocacy Services volunteer

Project Genesis is a grassroots community organization in Cote-des-Neiges, a multi-ethnic neighbourhood, with the mission to defend social rights on an individual and on a collective level and to fight poverty. Project Genesis stands with neighbourhood residents in facing some of their most difficult challenges, such as basic income security, housing problems, access to healthcare and immigration difficulties. It seeks to provide support in ways that promote independence and inter-dependence and a stronger, more resilient community.

JEM Workshop

Federation CJA allocated $626,788

Photo : JEM Workshop

“I started working at the JEM Workshop in March of 2009. I had not worked in nine years. Then I went to Ometz and they were able to help me find my current job at the Workshop. I am grateful for being here at the Workshop because they gave me a job when no other company would.

When I started at the JEM Workshop, they really treated me like family. The staff is there to guide you and help you and keep a smile on your face. I met nice friends and was given a chance to get my life back on track. I bring home a pay cheque every two weeks to help support myself and my sister and I feel like a productive member of society. I have gained self-confidence and feel better about myself.”

-Murray Greenberg

The JEM Workshop is recognized by the Emploi-Québec as an adaptive work centre (entreprise adaptée). The Workshop is designed for challenged members of our community, 18 years of age and over, motivated to work but unemployable in the competitive industry due to intellectual, emotional or physical difficulties.

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