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Cummings Centre

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Photo: Cummings Centre

“The Cummings Centre has been an inspiring place to get involved in, both as a participant and a leader. As a West Islander, I was thrilled to participate in the inception of Prime Time, the West Island division of the Cummings Centre. I enjoyed the programming offered (lectures, Mini-med, yoga), and was excited when a volunteer component was added. I joined the Strategic Planning Committee and am currently the Chair of the Communications and Marketing Committee. The Cummings Centre has allowed me to grow as an individual, share experiences with others and meet new people. The warm acceptance and encouragement has ensured that I will keep coming back for more.”

- Arlene Feigelman, Vice President Cummings Centre and Chair, Communications and Marketing Committee

The Cummings Centre and its off campus sites provides a full spectrum of programs and services designed specifically for adults 50 years of age and over, from those who function autonomously to those who need assistance and support. The Agency is committed to enhancing the quality of life of this diverse population through life-long learning, cultural events, health and wellness programs, meaningful volunteer opportunities and a broad range of social services.

Project Genesis

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Photo : Project Genesis

“I volunteer at the Centre where, unlike in my commercial-law work environment, I can help people who have a serious need for basic legal information.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity this past year to help a young single mother who had immigrated to Canada to offer a better life to her son.  She was receiving government aid to participate in an employment-retraining program when she discovered that she had breast cancer. Following the diagnosis, we have been able to make sure that the benefits that she was receiving for her employment-retraining program were replaced by welfare benefits during the period of her treatments and her convalescence.  She remains in my thoughts, and I wish her a speedy recovery.”

- Catherine Jenner, volunteer legal advisor at the Individual Services Centre, Project Genesis

Project Genesis is a community organization, in the multi-ethnic Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood, whose mission is the defense of social rights, individual or collective, as well as the fight against poverty. It is united behind the residents of the neighbourhood who face repeated difficulties, especially those related to unstable income, housing problems, access to health care, and the challenges connected to immigration. In addition, Project Genesis promotes autonomy and interdependence as well as the formation of a strong, resilient community.

JEM Workshop

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Photo: JEM Workshop

“I have worked at JEM Workshop Inc. since May 25, 2011. It means a lot to me and I have made many friends. The workshop has taught me different work skills, and I have done a lot of different jobs. I love working full time as it keeps me very busy and I get to earn money–I even have my own apartment now. I’m supported by a great staff, including my foreman and social counselor. I have been Employee of the Month and it made me feel great about myself. It proved to me that I am a valued employee. At lunch, I get to use the computers and participate in activities like dance and karaoke. I love the Workshop and I always feel welcome when I come to work. I feel like I belong”.

- Marni Spunt, JEM Workshop

The JEM Workshop is recognized by the Emploi-Quebec as an adaptive work centre (entreprise adaptée). The Workshop is designed for challenged members of our community, 18 years of age and over, motivated to work but unemployable in the competitive industry due to intellectual, emotional or physical difficulties.

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