There: Building independence at camp

Camp Massad

“Machane Massad has given me the gifts of friendship, family, religion and community.  Before I came to camp, I had no Hebrew education and over the past three summers, I have learned so much and had so much fun that I am now filled with ruach (spirit) and memories that will last a lifetime.”

- Sarah-Michelle (Smitchy) Lang, second from left, camper at Camp Massad

At Machane Massad, children capture the wonder of youth and embrace their Jewish heritage through meaningful programs and experiences. A limited enrolment of just 150 campers ensures individual attention for each child and personal, hands-on interaction among campers and counselors.

Camp Massad benefits from Federation CJA support through the GEN J Camping Initiative.

Ometz Camp Program

“In camp, we have very good activities and good games and sports. I really like it. In camp, I learn to take care of myself – take a shower, get dressed, make my hair and bed. I learn how to share with my friends. I cannot tell you how much it really helps me. When I go to camp, it really gives me a boost for the whole year.”

- Avraham Joseph Rosenfeld, grade 6

“I had a great time.  I got to do lots of things that I’ve never done before, like canoeing and sleeping in a tent. I got loads of mosquito bites and made lots of new friends.  And I learned how to make s’mores!  That was the best part.  Thank you for camp.”

- 9 year old camper

This year, Agence Ometz helped 600 children enjoy a summer at camp through financial support and subsidies.

Federation CJA allocated $4,486,931 (includes poverty relief fund) to Agence Ometz.

One Happy Camper

Libby at the Y Country Camp

“Summer camp was always a tempting notion, but upon learning about the One Happy Camper grant, it made the decision so much easier for us. It’s a wonderful incentive to introduce kids from the community to other kids of the community and hopefully maintain those connections for a lifetime.”

- Debbie Kalisky, mother of Libby, seen here enjoying her summer at the Y Country Camp.

Over 100 children benefited from a summer camp experience this summer through Federation CJA’s Camping Initiative. Gen J’s One Happy Camper program reaches out to first-time campers and seeks to inspire families to try Jewish overnight camp.

Camp B’nai Brith

“I am having such an incredible summer! Camp B’nai Brith has truly welcomed me into their family and I feel so at home here. From spending time with my campers to trying out tons of new activities and sports, I can honestly say that this summer has been very special. I’ve built such amazing relationships with my campers and they have taught me how to be the best counselor. Thank you, CBB, for an amazing summer thus far!”

- Arielle, right, counselor at CBB

Camp B’nai Brith offers children 8-16 years old a high quality, diverse summer camping experience in a Jewish environment. Camp B’nai Brith integrates programs for boys and girls from all segments of the Jewish community.

Federation CJA allocated $531, 159 to Camp B’nai Brith

Y Country Camp

“This past month in the CIT Village at YCC has been so awesome that it’s gone by way too fast. The good thing is that we still have the YCC JR. CIT Israel trip to look forward to for the next three weeks!”

- Eric Abrams, Junior CIT at the Y Country Camp

The Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp, a branch of the YM-YWHA, offers a full range of activities and outstanding facilities to a sold-out registration of 500 campers every summer. This popular camp provides versatile programming in a Jewish ambiance ensuring an unforgettable summer experience for all who attend.

Federation CJA allocated $483,244 to the YM-YWHA Jewish Community Centres

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