Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic cookbook provides recipe for engagement

This spring, Women’s Philanthropy of Federation CJA will launch the Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic cookbook, a masterfully-selected collection of culinary delights that truly reflect both the cultural diversity of the Montreal Jewish community and the over 200 women who were involved in putting it together.

Getting women involved

The cookbook is a triumph in many respects, but perhaps most notably in its ability to engage and mobilize a large contingent of women who were previously less affiliated within Federation.


volunteers worked on Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic

“Food acts as a unifying force. It has the power to ignite the creativity and passion of many women. This cookbook has been a wonderful engagement gateway,” stated Rhonda Leibner, Top Chef of this initiative along with fellow Top Chef, Debby Newpol.

“When we began this project, over 150 previously uninvolved women came forward to participate by submitting, cooking, and testing all the recipes,” said Etty Bienstock, who along with Leibner, Newpol and fellow Top Chefs, Gail Adelson-Marcovitz and Heather Paperman, worked tirelessly to bring the idea from concept to reality. In fact, it was under the leadership of Gail Adelson-Marcovitz, who at the time was President of Women’s Philanthropy, that this cookbook came to fruition. She noted, “Many women of today want to get involved in a more hands-on way. They desire more tangible experiences – to truly feel it. The beauty of hands-on volunteerism is that you feel a deeper connection to both your community, and the work you perform to support it.”

Continuing to make an impact

All this underscores the perpetual nature of engagement and community involvement, and the importance of developing fun and creative ways to get people involved.  With Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic, the Montreal Jewish community will have an important book that reflects who we are, where we come from, and a lasting reminder of what we can accomplish when hundreds of us are mobilized for a common cause.

The impact of their engagement can also be found elsewhere. With the cookbook as the catalyst to community involvement, many women from the Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic team, now participate in “Cooking for a Cause”, under the Chairmanship of Shawna Goodman-Sone (a chef in her own right), in which they prepare food for our community’s most vulnerable.

By women, to help women

Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic will launch on April 24th. Cementing its legacy, the cookbook brings with it a perpetual sense of philanthropy. All proceeds will go towards women’s causes in our community, with the Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic team having direct involvement in the allocation process. In the meantime, the book can be pre-ordered here.

You can preview some recipes below.

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