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“It is difficult to describe the extent of the wonderful feelings and positive thoughts knowing that my daughter is in a safe place, a stepping stone, a place full of understanding. The individual attention, the repeated explanations given with gentleness, patience and tolerance, the support and encouragement which contributed to significant achievements were a salvation for us.

The program forced me, as a parent, to change my approach and communications skills with my daughter to build a better relationship, to be consistent with feelings, cooperation, encouragement and independence.”

-Ayellet, Beer Sheva

The Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment is founded on the belief that it is in the power of every person to study, achieve and have impressive accomplishments. Some learners need more help and require divergent approaches. But everyone, without exception, is capable of succeeding.

Established in Beer Sheva in 2004 through the support of Montreal donors, the Azrieli Foundation, the Beer Sheva Municipality and the Rashi Foundation, the Institute for Educational Empowerment now has eight locations across Israel – Beer Sheva, Carmiel, Eilat, Kiryat Malachi, Akko, Dimona, Ofakim, and Maalot – and educates approximately 1400 students nationally today.

The Institute focuses on at-risk students in grades 7 through 9 in order to pre-empt the possibility of dropping out in the future. This is the critical point in a student’s life and requires special support and guidance when challenges arise in their educational paths.

Studies show that prior to entering the program, the average grades of the students were only 40%. In the follow-up study with the 231 tenth grade students who graduated from the program in 2010, 100% are still in school and are headed towards full matriculation with much success.

Academic success is achieved by closing educational gaps through accelerated studies over a short period of time, triggering a series of impressive achievements in the core subjects of English, Math and Hebrew Language. Social activities run alongside academic studies, aimed at developing social skills and instilling concepts of socially acceptable behavior and self-discipline.

Parents are also brought into the process, through an intensive series of meetings with educational experts, during which they learn methods for working with their children and improving family relations, thus becoming full partners in their children’s achievements.

During the last stage of the program, the students undergo special instruction, providing them with the skills to work with other youth and thus give back to the community through volunteer work with new groups of students.

Federation CJA continues to support the Institute in our partnership city of Beer Sheva to ensure that each and every one of the students in the region get the help they need to achieve success in school and in life.

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