Giving a “hiring” hand in Montreal

by Adam Muscott

Adam is now Director of Marketing Services at BAM Strategy (Photo: Vadim Daniel)

I started working with what was Contact ProMontreal at the time (now Ometz) during my last semester at university. I knew a few people who had been placed by them and so I went there and then started working with them more aggressively in June, after graduation and a trip to Europe.

The job search was a difficult process for me. I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and had to decide what discipline in marketing I wanted to go into. When you’re graduating, you want to sort of take anything you can get your hands on and make as many connections as you can and so that’s what I was really trying to do. Going through the schools was very competitive because everybody’s a graduate with similar grades, so it’s a little bit more difficult to set yourself apart when there are 100 marketing students that are all applying for the two jobs that are open in the one company.

Contact helped set me up with a bunch of different interviews. They helped me with my resume, as well, to fix it up. They helped me in terms of understanding the direction I wanted to take, so I wouldn’t apply to every single job that was made available, but rather the ones we thought were the best fits.

There was definitely a lot of emotional support. When things got demoralizing, they really helped pick me up and made me feel better about the whole process. They did a lot to get me connected at different events and functions that would put me out there to meet new employers. Even just a few years ago, I had to make a career decision and I actually went and sat down with my counselor for an hour and a half and she helped me make a decision about what I wanted to do. I always felt like I was able to go back to them for advice or a helping hand whenever I needed to make some big career decisions. And now, as Director of Marketing Services at BAM Strategy, I have gone back to Ometz when we’re looking to hire people. Off the top of my head, I can think of three people working for us now that we hired through their networking cocktails.

When I was graduating, I was applying to jobs all over the place and there was a bunch of jobs that I had applied to in Toronto. I actually thought I’d end up there, honestly, because that’s where a lot of the marketing jobs were. Contact worked really hard to keep me in the city. They helped me get my first job – at a fledgling digital marketing company. I was the third full-time employee hired by the company and I got a job as a web media planner. In my over eight years of working at BAM on and off, I like to think that I helped build the company from that start-up to one that is now going strong 16 years later with over 75 employees.

It’s amazing. If I hadn’t stayed here, I wouldn’t have met my wife and that would have been a bad thing. A lot of my friends were here, my family is here. Now, seeing the relationships that my kids have with their grandparents on both sides is just amazing to me and that is something that we wouldn’t be able to have if we lived in Toronto or New York or anywhere else. And the network that I’ve been able to make here; I think I’ve been able to make a much greater impact on the Montreal digital market than I ever would have been able to in Toronto, for sure. And I think Montreal is just the best city in the world.

The services that Ometz provides are really important to our community, not only to keep people in our community, but the ability to give people a career.

It’s only now, later in my life, that I realize the value of that. Being able to have a place that you can go to as a resource to help you in the building of your career and that they’re there to help you along the path, there’s a reassurance to that, knowing that you are not alone. I’ve been a digital marketer for the last 13 years, which in this industry makes me a bit of a dinosaur, but despite all the contacts in the industry that I’ve made over the years, it’s still nice to know there’s a place you can go that will root for you and give you those opinions and help point you in the best direction for you.

1,690 people received help finding employment last year through Agence Ometz. Today, there are 734 people actively seeking work right now with the help from the community.

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