Packing tools for success

Surrounded by school supplies: YAD FedNext’s Tikun Olam Volunteers (TOV) getting ready to pack it up.

Last month, while our kids were busy preparing themselves for the new school year, a dedicated group of young volunteers from YAD FedNext were rolling up their sleeves, and filling school bags with supplies to ensure that hundreds of Jewish Elementary and High School students were given the proper tools to succeed.

“The end of August, and the new school year always meant one thing to me, NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES! It is so beautiful to see the youth of our community, who might not get a chance to experience this great feeling, get new supplies.” said Allie Novack, Co-Chair of FedNext TOV and Chair/Creator of the Pack-it-Up initiative.


Number of school items packed and distributed this year

Now in its fourth year, the “Pack-it-Up” initiative is designed to give Jewish students from vulnerable families a jumpstart in their scholastic efforts, while minimizing the undue anxiety that comes with not being fully prepared. In essence, the program gives children a chance to begin the year on equal footing, and thus allows them to focus on scholastic performance.  “Having something as little as a new set of pencils just like the rest of your classmates can make all the difference in how a child feels about entering and thriving in the classroom.” remarked Co-Chair, Meagan Reinish, on why she got involved with the program.

500 bags packed and ready to be delivered

Through the generosity of our community, volunteers like Jamie were able to pack an astounding, 500 bags, marking a significant increase from last year’s total of 350. An effort they only wish to expound on in the future. “Pack-It-Up! has really grown in the last three years and it is thanks to our wonderful community that we have been able to increasingly and consistently support the youth of our community. We can’t wait to start collecting for next year!” remarked Allie on the program’s success and her aspirations for its future.

Pack-it-up is one of many exciting initiatives held by the YAD FedNext TOV group every year. The TOV group (Tikun Olam Volunteers) seeks to give young adults in the Montreal Jewish Community an opportunity to get involved in community service and gain hands-on experience.

To volunteer, please contact contact Elysa Ben Sabat at 514-345.2645 ext, 3078 or at

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