A sweet New Year… and showing some “swag”!

A sweet New Year!

Co-chair Meagan Novack (left) and Alysa Langburt baking up a storm!

Earlier in the Holiday season, YAD Montreal’s Tikun Olam Volunteers  group (TOV) were also busy finding ways to give back to the community. One of these initiatives resulted in a Holiday Baking event, where co-chairs Meagan Novack and Danielle Dichter led a group of volunteers as they baked honey cakes to be donated to underprivileged families in the community.

In describing the event, Meagan noted: “The event was an absolute success. It was extremely heart warming to see people from the Jewish community come together to help those in need. This experience exemplified what can happen when people come together to donate their time, care and generosity. There are no words to express the many thanks to those that came out to help make a difference in the lives of those who truly need it. We look forward to making this an annual event and have high hopes for events such as this in the future.”

Teen Leadership Crew shows some swag

Decorating the sukkah!
Photo: Igor Bar

In another Sukkot initiative, the Teen Leadership Crew of YAD (TLC) was on hand at the Peace Garden to help Ometz offer a Sukkot celebration to newly arrived immigrant families. Approximately 20 students from various Montreal high schools helped construct decorations, and add their own artistic touch to the Sukkah walls.

“It was a great event to be a part of. It was a really nice way to welcome new Jews into our community and show them what we’re all about” explained Sarah Shtern, Co-Chair of the event, and TLC representative from Bialik High School.

Now in its second year, the Teen Leadership Crew (TLC) was designed to empower and give high school students a jumpstart into their community careers while helping them develop essential leadership skills. Representatives from five Jewish high schools meet regularly with Elysa Ben Sabat (from YAD) to set fundraising goals and discuss potential community projects.

“TLC gives students like myself a voice in our community. Even though we’re only in our second year, the response has been great, and people seem really excited to find a way into Federation CJA and helping our community.”

While Sarah will soon be moving on to the YAD FedNext level (18-24 year olds), she’s proud to be one of TLC’s pioneers, and believes the ground work has been laid for many other students to get involved.

To volunteer, please contact Elysa Ben Sabat at 514-345.2645 ext, 3078 or at elysa.bensabat@federationcja.org.

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