Operation Dove’s Wings – A People’s Journey from Ethiopia to Israel

Julia Reitman

By Julia Reitman
“I feel so privileged to be witnessing the immigration of a people that have kept faith with their vow to return to Jerusalem and despite the challenges ahead, I feel that Israel’s rescue of the Ethiopian Jews is heroic.”

From generation to generation


Working with Federation for the last three and a half years for our community feels like home and Federation CJA West Island has become my friends, my family and my long-searched support.

“Access for All” in Israel


I never imagined that at my age, and in my financial situation, I’d be able to study again. The Access for All program gave me that chance and much more.

Part of that world: A ‘moving’ tale

Part of that world: A ‘moving’ tale | Faire partie de ce monde-là : de l’Ancien Continent au Nouveau Monde

“This is the New World, where anything is possible. The lifestyle of Americans enthralled me. I wanted to be part of that world.”

Granito de arena – If everyone put their own grain of sand

“I want to show my kids that it’s worth it to give back to the community. We are here to help other people, older people live with dignity, show the Holocaust so we don’t lose the memory of what happened,” said Andrea Cooperberg, pictured here with her children Lucas, 8, and Matias, 5, and her husband Fernando Frankel.

“I felt many times like what am I doing here? Why did I come? Why is it so hard with the winter, the wind and the snow, having a baby without my parents? We were crazy.”

Endowing those in need to help themselves

The Greenberg family | La famille Greenberg

She helped me pull myself together. She woke me up and showed me how to take responsibility for my life.

Thanks to Ometz, you’re never alone!

Béatrice Assouline

In 2005, my husband and I decided to leave France temporarily for professional reasons: I wanted some international experience to go along with my degree. With our first child in tow, we embarked on a totally new adventure…

Montreal – The place where my dreams came true!


“This was an opportunity for me to give back to my new community and meet new people, practice my French and English and gain valuable Canadian experience.”

Caring for our community – Making Montreal home

Caring for Community | Prendre soin de notre communauté

“We turned to Ometz for support. Our integration worker’s professionalism, warmth and compassion helped us survive and eased our integration into the community.”