Kids for Kids

La jeune Samantha Ginsberg — entourée (de gauche à droite) du directeur de l’Académie Solomon Schechter Steven Erdelyi, de la présidente des Bénévoles Tikun Olam (TOV) Jodi Mintz, d’Aviva Balshine, de Tanya Abenaim, de Jillian Rodin et de l’enseignante Susan Bercovitch — présente le chèque de 5 000 $ destiné au Club « Bon appétit » de la Fédération CJA.

Solomon Schechter Academy students support Federation CJA’s Lunch for a Bunch program.

Winning Goals

Chris Nilan and Gilbert Delorme: Shutting out hunger.

Montreal Canadiens Alumni came out to feed the hungry at Federation CJA’s Hockey Night at Le Café.

From Mother to Daughter: Love for Community

Debby Becker Newpol and her daughter Alix Newpol.

For Debby Becker Newpol and her daughter Alix Newpol, love for the community is in their genes.

Lunch for a Bunch

Lunch for a Bunch is an innovative program started and executed by women. Volunteers include: (back) Sara Levy, Joanna Noikin, Brooke Cromar; (front) Shelley Sherman, Adele Orleans, Carole Rubin, Robin Farber Steinberg.

In early 2013, a group of women from the Women’s Philanthropy division were seeking to fill a need in the community: there were children arriving at school regularly with nothing to eat. Working with Agence Ometz, they created Lunch for a Bunch, packing and delivering lunches to the schools of these children before the first recess bell.

Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic cookbook provides recipe for engagement

Women's Philanthropy Mosaic

Using Women’s Philanthropy Mosaic cookbook as a gateway, volunteers were able to get involved in a fun, creative way, all while learning about the work Federation does and recognizing where other needs exist.

Hidden JEMs: Volunteers help entertain, educate and advocate for adults with special needs


“No matter what might be bothering me, I come here and can’t help but leave with a smile. The courage and joy exhibited by these individuals is extraordinary and puts everything into perspective.”

Meeting the Mentors: engaging and supporting students in their academic success

Lara Feldman

with Lara Feldman and Zoe Polsky

The objective is to break the cycle of poverty by encouraging, supporting and working with students from high-risk families, so that they complete high school and enter post-secondary studies.

My philanthropic journey

Talia was part of a Mission to Ethiopia last winter

by Talia Bensoussan

I got involved in the community in order to stay connected, and to give back. I never thought that the community would continue to give to me.

Following her lead


by Meagan Bronstein
The objective of the trip was not to save the world, but at least try to make a difference in the lives of those we encounter. For me, it was the personal obligation I felt to follow in the footsteps of my late grandmother.

Import/Export: Kefiada program promotes leadership exchange

The Kefiada group strike a pose, having just finished painting a school in Beer Sheva

by Lindsay Goldstein
This total hands-on experience has given me more confidence, along with the skills necessary to be a better leader within my own Jewish community.

Karen Soussan: A chair’s vision for the future

Karen Soussan is the 2012 chair of the Sepharade Campaign

Chair of the Sepharade Campaign, Karen Soussan reflects on the state of young leadership in our community.

Building Leadership – Volunteers build sukkahs for local Jewish families

Jesse (third from right) and the sukkah building team

with Jesse Lubin
The most rewarding part of the experience was building memories for very appreciative families. Every family was able to enjoy the wonderful holiday of Sukkot under the sukkahs that we built.

A sweet New Year… and showing some “swag”!

Co-chair Meagan Novack (left) baking up a storm!

Holiday love from TLC and TOV: looking back on two meaningful holiday initiatives from YAD Montreal.

Mickey Rosenthal does his share

“As a people, we are good people. We don’t believe in killing, in war; we believe in kindness, in charity, in education and these are primary qualities that make us an outstanding people,” said philanthropist Mickey Rosenthal.

“I have always had a philosophy that every man must do his share. It’s a way of life. It covers so much, like education, marriage and charity. If you do your share, you are doing things.”