CPE Challenge: For the Greater Good of Community

La famille Jesion - The Jesion family

“I believe it’s a fight not just for me and my children, but for future generations as well.” – Sandy Jesion, Co-Chair, Quebecers for Equal Rights to Subsidized Day Cares

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Une célébration colorée à l'atelier JEM - A colourful celebration at the JEM Workshop

The Heart of a Volunteer

“When you see you’re making a difference in someone’s life, we realize we’re very lucky to have the lives we have. It’s all about giving back for me.”

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Marche vers Jérusalem - March to Jerusalem

Back to the Mountain

“It was truly a wonderful and inspiring sight to see the thousands of Montrealers proudly taking to the streets and dancing in the rain at the Masada checkpoint back at Mount-Royal.”

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Réseau canadien du patrimoine juif - The Canadian Jewish Heritage Network

The Future is Bright for Canada’s Jewish Past

“Share the wonderful rich history of Jews in Canada… These stories are now open to be explored by Jews and non-Jews alike.”

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Le Festival international de théâtre yiddish de Montréal - The International Yiddish Theatre Festival

Carrying the Yiddish Torch

“Montreal, of all places, has become an important torchbearer for Yiddish.”

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Participants au Programme Diller - The Diller Teens

Connecting People-to-People

“I was learning about Montreal before coming here, but nothing could have prepared me for how the Jewish community in Montreal takes care of the people who need the help.”

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