Radio Silence: Radio host Jacques Fabi suspended after CIJA files complaint

Jacques Fabi (Photo: Canoe)

by Eta Yudin

Radio host Jacques Fabi was suspended following a successful intervention by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA-Quebec). He had failed to act appropriately while a caller voiced unacceptable comments regarding Jews and the Holocaust.

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Postcards // Cartes postales

Sending Hope By Mail to Israel

During the community solidarity rally for Israel at Federation CJA, postcards were printed, and left blank for those in attendance to write messages of hope to the residents in the South of Israel.

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Agence Ometz

Enough is Enough! Ometz stands up to bullying

by Carol Liverman and Barbara Victor

Ometz has been at the front lines of the bullying issue; visiting schools, organizing after-school social programs, and holding discussions and workshops with parents, students, teachers, and administrators.

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Hidden JEMs: Volunteers help entertain, educate and advocate for adults with special needs

“No matter what might be bothering me, I come here and can’t help but leave with a smile. The courage and joy exhibited by these individuals is extraordinary and puts everything into perspective.”

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Leah Berger leads a "Game of Life" workshop

The Game of Life: Explaining and addressing poverty

by Leah Berger

The Committee seeks social change through policy change, trying to influence public social and economic policies to ensure that they benefit vulnerable populations of both the Jewish community and the wider society.

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YAD TOV Mitzvah

A Day for Good Deeds

Tikun Olam Volunteers (TOV) hosted their annual Mitzvah Day events, running exciting activities to engage their respective communities in acts of Tikun Olam, while adding some Chanukah cheer for recently-arrived Jewish immigrants.

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Social Action is Fertile in the Negev Desert

One of the programs funded by the Negev Coalition is aimed at young adult communities throughout the Negev to help with sustainability, programming and a sense of shared community long-term.

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Lara Feldman

Meeting the Mentors: engaging and supporting students in their academic success

with Lara Feldman and Zoe Polsky

The objective is to break the cycle of poverty by encouraging, supporting and working with students from high-risk families, so that they complete high school and enter post-secondary studies.

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