This Rosh Hashana…
greetings from new Federation CJA president David J. Cape

Rosh Hashana | Roch Hachanah

“Rosh Hashanah provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the connection of our Jewish values of tzedakah and tikun olam with the work of Combined Jewish Appeal.”

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General Annual Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle

Jack Hasen Passes Presidency to David J. Cape at Federation CJA’s Annual General Meeting

“We are not a community of institutions; we are a community of people. People who are devoted, caring, passionate and committed to our community and all it stands for,” Jack Hasen, outgoing President of Federation CJA told the audience at the organization’s 94th Annual General Meeting on September 19.

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Making a Difference – the Female Way!

“The Montreal Jewish community is blessed to have so many dedicated women volunteers that are willing to lend a hand, provide a meal, knit a scarf, sort clothing, walk 25 kilometers or man telephones to ask for donations.”

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Photo : Jewish Agency | Agence juive

Standing with Israel – Success One Student at a Time

“It is difficult to describe the extent of the wonderful feelings and positive thoughts knowing that my daughter is in a safe place, a stepping stone, a place full of understanding.”

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Tammy Miller

Caring for the Community

“It started off with soft drugs, with weed and it escalated. It is crack that ruined my life. The first time I got high on it, that was it.”

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Photo: JFNA

Supporting the Vulnerable

“Federation CJA is definitely acting as a second family right now for me. They are replacing a lot of people who are missing in my life.”

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Photo: Rachel Papo (JFNA)

Providing for our Seniors

“One of the issues is that the percentage of seniors in the Montreal Jewish community is higher than the general Montreal community and Quebec has the highest percentage of seniors in Canada.”

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Young Leaders of Today

“As we had our second and then third child, and as they became more ingrained in Jewish day schools, I realized that Montreal is our home. This is the community that we inherited, but this is also the community that we are going to pass on.”

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Photo: Vadim Daniel

Fostering Jewish Identity for a Bright Tomorrow

“If we don’t foster Jewish identity, if we don’t teach our children about Jewish values, if we don’t excite and engage our young adults in the value of community today, what kind of future can we expect for our community for tomorrow?”

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