CJA11 inspired action for one another, as total for Campaign is announced

Thank You - Merci - Toda

The 2011 Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign inspired over 16,000 members of the community to take action for one another, raising over a projected $41.1 million during the three-month campaign season.

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Education | Éducation

All education is special education

Response to Intervention means good education for all. It requires educators to stop looking at students in terms of levels (low-achieving or high-achieving) and start considering where each student currently is and deciding what needs to be done to progress.

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Mile End Chavurah | Havourah du Mile-End

This is the Mile End Chavurah for you

“There was clearly a deep hunger for a progressive and open space for Jewish exploration in this part of the city. It started with a group of friends and friends of friends gathering for Shabbat dinners at each other’s Mile End and Plateau apartments. It’s now a registered not-for-profit organization with an elected Board and a diverse membership.”

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Béatrice Assouline

Thanks to Ometz, you’re never alone!

In 2005, my husband and I decided to leave France temporarily for professional reasons: I wanted some international experience to go along with my degree. With our first child in tow, we embarked on a totally new adventure…

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Negev | Néguev

The Negev: Key to the future development of Israel

The Negev region is key to the future development of Israel. Now, nine North American federations, including Montreal, have joined together for the first time to inspire and support the development of high-impact projects in the region.

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Le Café

The place to be in community

Just announced this week, UPS is giving a one-time grant of $85,300 USD to Le Café to enable the necessary upgrades to the cafeteria facilities to “go green”, as well as to increase the capacity of the kitchen.

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