TV host says Israel “does not deserve to exist”: CIJA takes action

Stéphane Gendron (photo: Louperivois)

“Gendron’s statements cross the line that separates fair opinion from hatemongering.”

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David Cape (photo : Vadim Daniel)

A commitment to community by David Cape, President of Federation CJA

Together, we have identified and agreed on some key priorities for the coming two years and have initiated a concrete action plan for success.

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Blowing bubbles | On fait des bulles

My mind is still in Ethiopia

Although I am physically home, my mind is still in Ethiopia. What an unbelievable trip it was. It is up to us to follow up our experience with significant efforts.

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Saving children in need | S’unir pour protéger les enfants vulnérables

Saving children in need: Ometz and Batshaw Centres work together

There are a lot of different kinds of communities, but it’s not the same thing as when you come to your own people.

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The Greenberg family | La famille Greenberg

Endowing those in need to help themselves

She helped me pull myself together. She woke me up and showed me how to take responsibility for my life.

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