Harley goes to camp

Harley Schwartz at Camp B’nai Brith with good friend Karen Groper

I can still drive down the 329, past the gates to Camp B’nai Brith and have it elicit all kinds of feelings and responses.

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Jewish on your own terms | Le judaïsme : chacun à sa façon

Jewish on your own terms

There is a sense amongst members of these groups that the community has less to offer them… The onus is on the community to provide a welcoming and engaging environment for all different kinds of Jews.

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“I want to show my kids that it’s worth it to give back to the community. We are here to help other people, older people live with dignity, show the Holocaust so we don’t lose the memory of what happened,” said Andrea Cooperberg, pictured here with her children Lucas, 8, and Matias, 5, and her husband Fernando Frankel.

Granito de arena – If everyone put their own grain of sand

“I felt many times like what am I doing here? Why did I come? Why is it so hard with the winter, the wind and the snow, having a baby without my parents? We were crazy.”

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High schoolers don’t know about the Holocaust | High schoolers don’t know about the Holocaust

High schoolers don’t know about the Holocaust

“Most of the kids here did not know what the Holocaust was. I spoke to my friends and they couldn’t even pronounce the word Holocaust.”

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