Shock and outrage: Our community mourns

Photo:Vadim Daniel

“We will remember the names of Rabbi Sandler, of Miriam Monstango, of Gavriel Sandler and of Arye Sandler. We will remember them and we will honour them by living freely, justly and Jewishly.”

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A shidduch for the children | Un mariage parfait… pour le bien-être des enfants

A shidduch for the children

20% of Jewish Montreal children are referred for mental health support or counseling. An average of 20 families wait over six months for support. Something had to be done.

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Part of that world: A ‘moving’ tale | Faire partie de ce monde-là : de l’Ancien Continent au Nouveau Monde

Part of that world: A ‘moving’ tale

“This is the New World, where anything is possible. The lifestyle of Americans enthralled me. I wanted to be part of that world.”

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The Codas Team | L'Équipe Codas

A livelihood for the love of community

“This is their livelihood. People play cards, people play golf. We appeal to people to donate.”

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Mercedes Murciano

Skills required: Compassion

“It’s a growing field – in 10 years it’s going to be major, with loads of opportunities. It’s a job that will be in demand.”

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