Why do we support Israel?

The members of the Executive Mission | Les membres de la Mission du comité exécutif

By Deborah Corber, LL.M.
CEO of Federation CJA

“The question sometimes arises as to why we would allocate to projects in Israel in the face of growing needs in our local community.”

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Celebrating Israel in the West Island | On célèbre Israël dans la Banlieue Ouest

From commemoration to celebration: Don’t miss these events

April offers many opportunities to join your community in several events, commemorations and celebrations. Show your pride by participating in one, or all, of the events listed here.

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“The passing on of the story is very important. It has become my mission - not so much my story, as the story of this genocide, of the Holocaust,” said Holocaust survivor Eva Kuper, seen here in 2005 with Sister Klara Jaroszynska, the woman who saved her.

Become a witness:
Remembering the Holocaust

“It’s not going to be too long from now when there will be no living survivors. Then it’s going to be up to the generation of my children and my grandchildren, etcetera, etcetera to tell the story.”

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Breaking matzah at the Interfaith Seder held in Nicolet are Luciano Del Negro, Vice-President, Quebec Region of CIJA; Jean-François Royal, Director of the Museum of World Religions; Bishop André Gazaille and Alain Drouin, Mayor of Nicolet {photo courtesy of Le Courrier Sud}.

Breaking Matzah:
Demystifying the Jewish people

“Most people at the Interfaith Seder had never even had any contact with any member of the Jewish community before.”

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It was an Israeli invasion as the Diller Teen Fellows from Beer Sheva/Bnei Shimon visited Montreal for two weeks.

What did Israeli teens think of Jewish Montreal?

“Will we get along with the Montreal group? How will it be to be a guest in a stranger’s house? How will the Jewish community respond to us as a group from Israel?”

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