Understanding advocacy


There are times when behavior or comments cross the line and are unacceptable. Those things require a strong response on the public record.

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2013 Promies Award Winners.

The Jewish Chamber of Commerce: Helping Young Professionals Thrive in Montreal

“Creating professional opportunities is one of the key driving factors in keeping our bright young minds in Montreal”

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Ometz celebrates 150 years of service to the Montreal Jewish Community

Today, 150 years after these men took the lead in helping our community’s most vulnerable, we reflect on the incredible impact that Ometz has had on developing our community. From helping families establish their roots, to giving them the support to flourish, much of the vibrancy we experience today in the Montreal Jewish community can be traced back to the mission that Ometz set forth on over a century and a half ago.

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Past meets Present during Jewish Montreal Heritage Week

Not only do the archives, collections, and tours seek to educate Jews about their own culture, but in a broader sense, they provide insight into how Jews have helped shape the city of Montreal.

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The Presidency of Mark Kakon

Marc Kakon leaves the presidency of the Communauté Sepharade Unifiée du Québec (C.S.U.Q.) with a sense of accomplishment. Under his leadership, the C.S.U.Q. carried out a host of large-scale community projects. During his five consecutive years as president, he faced a number of challenges.

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Start-Ups find fertile ground in the Negev

Based on the model in the 90s of ProMontreal which was developed to curtail the outflow of the youth of Jewish Montreal, the concept was adopted as part of a deepening relationship between Montreal and Beer Sheva/Bnei Shimon.

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