Women and Change: Through the Lens with Deborah Corber

Deborah Corber, CEO of Federation CJA.

Federation CJA Chief Executive Officer Deborah Corber takes a look back… and towards the future.

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Debby Becker Newpol and her daughter Alix Newpol.

From Mother to Daughter: Love for Community

For Debby Becker Newpol and her daughter Alix Newpol, love for the community is in their genes.

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Lunch for a Bunch is an innovative program started and executed by women. Volunteers include: (back) Sara Levy, Joanna Noikin, Brooke Cromar; (front) Shelley Sherman, Adele Orleans, Carole Rubin, Robin Farber Steinberg.

Lunch for a Bunch

In early 2013, a group of women from the Women’s Philanthropy division were seeking to fill a need in the community: there were children arriving at school regularly with nothing to eat. Working with Agence Ometz, they created Lunch for a Bunch, packing and delivering lunches to the schools of these children before the first recess bell.

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“Lean In” spent 12 weeks at the top of the New York Times best-seller list in 2013.

Lean In… Jewishly

When looking to find the perfect work-life balance, family, career and living Jewishly are not necessarily at odds. In fact, according to Arna Poupko Fisher, they can reinforce one another.

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