A new look to Federation CJA

There is a core idea that has guided all that we do at Federation CJA for over 90 years. This idea is powerful, echoes spiritually and historically, is both simple and profound, and deeply rooted in Judaism. “As Jews, each of us is responsible for each other.”

As a reflection of this core idea underlying our mission, an idea that resonates within our Jewish community, the Federation is unveiling a brand new logo and associated theme-line.

The logo merges a stylized Star of David, the recognized symbol of Judaism and of the State of Israel, with a heart, which symbolizes the caring and compassionate nature of our Jewish community, as well as the central role of the Federation as the heart of the community. It also reflects openness and inclusiveness; the original incarnation of this logo was with Women’s Philanthropy, but has now been adopted as a fitting representation of the federation as a whole. Our new theme-line, which reflects our core idea is articulated as “For One Another / L’un pour l’autre,” the phrase that will now accompany our corporate identity and will also serve as the theme for the 2010 Combined Jewish Appeal.

This change is in line with our overall efforts to renew and revision the Federation, as expressed in our Imagine 2020 initiative. As we embark on new ways of doing business, we felt it was appropriate to change how we represent ourselves with a fresh new brand.

Thanks to the in-house creative team at Federation CJA and the dedication of volunteers with expertise in the fields of marketing and branding, this effort has been brought to fruition without incurring any of the usual costs associated with such a significant change.

  • Marvin Birnbom says:

    Superb work

  • Belinda Schneider says:

    LOVE the new logo. It is brilliant AND perfect!