Campaign 2010: For One Another

Campagne 2010 Campaign

Campagne 2010 Campaign

By Pascale Hasen
Chair, 2010 Combined Jewish Appeal

Every gift to Combined Jewish Appeal makes a difference. It feeds tens of thousands of meals to vulnerable members in our community. It provides job coun­selling services and emergency aid to those who were affected by the economic crisis over the past year. It assists our extended family in Israel. And it supports programming that inspires a young family’s love of Jewish life and culture.

For more than 90 years, since our grandparents’ time, our donors have been making gifts to the annual Combined Jewish Appeal in order to assist those in our Jewish community who need help, and to build the institutions that ensure our strength and vitality. Today, we are again being called upon to do our part. Because of you, we will be able to prepare ourselves to meet the unknown challenges of an uncertain world. While we don’t know what the future brings, we do know that, with your help, our Federation will be poised to respond.

During this past year, Federation CJA has been able to provide more than 70,000 meals to those in need. Together, we are able to subsidize more than 4,000 students attending Jewish day school and more than 80% of the children who enjoy summer respite at Camp B’nai Brith. Seniors in our community are able to remain independent and active longer, and new immigrants are able to integrate more effectively, because of the support they enjoy from programs funded by our Campaign. A gift to Combined Jewish Appeal touches more lives than any other charitable gift you can make.

If we don’t plan for the future today, we run the risk of being unable to care for one another in years to come. We owe it to our children, and to their children, to consider carefully the legacy that we give them.

This year’s Campaign is making a particular effort to reach out to members of Montreal’s Jewish community who have not previously donated because participation is what ensures the community’s continued vitality. The goal is to reach out to 1,000 new donors in 2010.

Why does your own gift matter? It is critical that everyone who is capable of making a gift does so, because every gift makes a difference. No gift is too small. The impact is real. It is tangible. And it changes lives for the better in Montreal, in Israel and in communities around the world.