Combined Jewish Appeal depends on dedicated volunteers

Photo: Vadim Daniel

Photo: Vadim Daniel

Having thousands of potential contributors to Combined Jewish Appeal means that thousands of phone calls need to be made and face-to-face meetings held. Nearly 900 dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the success of the annual Campaign. They come from all walks of our Jewish community and they fall into every age bracket and giving level.

Meyer Milstock, 89, Co-Chair of the Codas Division, has been canvassing for more than forty years. Corey Omer, 21, Co-Chair of Super Sunday and President of Hillel Montréal, has been involved for four years.

“When I met some of the prominent people who were involved in Combined Jewish Appeal, I realized that if they could find the time, I could find the time,” recalls Milstock, whose first Campaign was in 1967. “I knew that we were raising money to do good work and I felt it was important to be a part of it.”

And he has been ever since, joining his friend Al Codas when he established a canvassing division. Today, the Codas Division is comprised of fifteen canvassers who call hundreds of prospective donors.

“We ask people to give what they can,” he explains. “It isn’t always a matter of the amount, but the principle of supporting and being a participant in community.”

Omer, who deals largely with younger people, concurs, “Students don’t often have a lot of money to give. But that shouldn’t stop us from taking our responsibility. After all, this is our community. It has been passed on to us and, eventually, we’ll be handing it off to the next generation.”

The Campaign could not function without its volunteers. Their efforts keep expenses to a minimum so that donated dollars go to the services and programs funded by the Federation.

“Younger people are sometimes better able to give their time than money,” says Omer. “Super Sunday is a perfect example of a day when students fill the room, soliciting donations, making their contribution.”

Super Sunday takes place on September 19 this year. Hundreds of people will come together to make calls, explain to members of the community all the good they can do and to solicit their gift.

“In my experience, when people understand the needs and how much we accomplish together, they are more than willing to contribute,” Milstock affirms.

Federation CJA encourages every member of the Jewish community to get involved in our Campaign, whether by volunteering or donating. Anyone who is interested is invited to call 514-345-2600.

  • Evelyn Ellenbogen says:

    I know Meyer Milstock. He is a dedicated,selfless, and tireless volunteer. Mention CJA and his eyes light up. I wish him continued good health so that he can carry on making those important phone calls. I enjoyed reading the article.
    Evelyn Ellenbogen
    North Miami Beach, Fl.