Montreal first in Canada to launch Pomegranate Society


The Pomegranate Society invites Jewish women in Montreal to perform mitzvot and to have a direct impact on improving the lives of those in need. Federation CJA is the first Canadian federation to introduce this international recognition society. The significance of the pomegranate is that it has 613 seeds and there are 613 mitzvot listed in the Torah.

Heather Adelsonm, Mylène Dayan Hamburg, Josie Suissa Lupovich, Heather Paperman

Heather Adelsonm, Mylène Dayan Hamburg, Josie Suissa Lupovich, Heather Paperman

What was the inspiration behind Women’s Philanthropy adopting the Pomegranate Society?

HEATHER ADELSON: Today’s women are interested in taking a hands-on approach to philanthropy. They want to be actively involved in helping the people that Combined Jewish Appeal serves. The Pomegranate Society recognizes this and, beyond raising money, we serve as the catalyst for women to perform mitzvot.

JOSIE SUISSA LUPOVICH: It’s really exciting for us to engage in projects that make our community better. As a group, we volunteered at Le Café, where we served meals to families that are experiencing a difficult time. We participated in a Mission to Montreal, where we visited the agencies funded by Combined Jewish Appeal and learned about the scope of the challenges facing our community, and the great work done to help people cope.

Why is it important for women to make their own gift to the annual Campaign?

HEATHER PAPERMAN: Women play a significant role in our society and we want to reflect that through our philanthropy. Furthermore, it is essential, for the vitality of our community, that every single person gets involved. Women control sizeable financial resources and serve a very important role as educators within the family, where we pass on the value of tzedakah to our children.

MYLÈNE DAYAN HAMBURG: Children are central to a woman’s thinking. We are really sensitive to the plight of children who lack food or clothing, and can’t afford summer camp or a Jewish education. We want our own voice in dealing with these issues that we feel most strongly about.

Membership in the Pomegranate Society of Women’s Philanthropy is based upon a minimum gift of $1800 to the annual Combined Jewish Appeal. Members are invited to attend the Great Burger Showdown on August 26 at 6:30 pm at the Gelber Conference Centre. For more information about the Society, contact 514.345.2645, ext. 3295 or