Support to the people of Israel

Photo : JAFI

“My connection to Montreal totally changed my perception of Jews outside of Israel. I came to understand that what I imagined about Jews in the Diaspora wasn’t at all true; without a doubt, one can be a Diaspora Jew and definitely contribute to Israel and the Jewish people.  This is Peoplehood.” – Israeli teen

Allocations to Israel are strategically focused on four main areas: education, social welfare, health and capacity building. For education, we support a variety of programs which range from early childhood to higher education and from youth-at-risk to educational excellence. Social welfare activities assist populations in need with a special emphasis on youth-at-risk, those with special needs, low-income families and new immigrant populations; programs ensure quality of life and meaningful participation in community. The focus on health translates into investment in care facilities, crisis management and education. Capacity building programs work to strengthen communities by attracting and integrating young people and families to geographic peripheries in Israel, changing the demographic landscape of the country.

While our financial investment is part of a national and international collective, we are also committed to building close partnerships with Israelis. By creating personal connections between those in Montreal and in Israel, we are able together to explore our shared values and cultures; through our great peer programs we gain knowledge and insights that are applied to our specific realities. One such example is the Gesher Chai school twinning program which received the Jewish Agency for Israel’s ‘Award of Excellence’. Montreal’s strong relationship with the Be’er Sheva / Bnei Shimon communities enables us to increase the funding impact and provides a vehicle for true and mutually beneficial collaboration.