Young Communities program helps transform Beer Sheva

A Young Community is a way of life. This is not a program just for the duration of a year of studies, or of a degree program, it involves young people who have a common bond and who choose to make their home in an outlying region. These young people believe in the community way of life, as a domain for personal growth and furthering national ideals.

Dozens of Young Communities in Israel operate social ventures in education, welfare, and community development. The impact is far-reaching, touching thousands of children, youth and adults living in the Negev and Galilee. The Young Communities give renewed meaning to Zionism and show that young people have a crucial role in addressing the socio-economic challenges facing Israeli society.

The Ringelblum Café, opened in Beer Sheva 18 months ago, is an example of a socio-economic venture run by a Young Community. The Café employs and trains youth at risk and, in so doing, provides them with life and job skills and a considerable community and social network to help them with their personal growth.

This video shows the enthusiasm that participants have for Young Communities in Beer Sheva.

Young Communities is one of the programs supported by Federation CJA in Beer Sheva, through its partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel.